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We are a technology company with a vision of being the most accepted and affordable ICT solution provider in Sri Lanka. For the last half a decade, we have been practicing our mission of satisfying the customer requirements with reliable and sustainable ICT products and services every day. We prove it and keep on learning and developing. 

We were recognized for our best practices and achievements in multiple awards and platinum partnerships with our vendors both locally and internationally. That brings the spirit for us to maintain our product portfolio in a platinum level. 

Our message is simple, it's "Technology Delivered". We mach the best technologies in ICT arena and combine it together to satisfy your business needs at an affordable and sustainable way. 

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What We Do

No matter how complex your business process is, we work with you satisfy them with latest ICT Solutions under one umbrella  

We consider our portfolio as an evolution from box to solutions selling. There is no use of a box in your organization without catering to your requirement as otherwise it will make the situation worse. All solutions cannot be combined with process re-engineering with ever changing industrial dynamics and business needs. This is where we stand with 8 cohort business solutions suites that can simply map with your business need from branded consortium. Our religion is not Brands, but our belief is technology with solutions.

DCL | Office

A segment designed to cater all your offices base ICT products and services such as Desktops, Laptops, Workstations, Printers and Accessories etc.


DCL | Compute

Servers, virtualizations and back office system integration. Than selling the product, we work closely with your teams to provide a solution.


DCL | Support

We maintain a corporate level hassle free help desk services & maintenance agreements.  A separate pool of dedicated staff and agreements already in operation with conglomerates in Sri Lanka. 

DCL | Protect

A suite of Security appliances and software to protect your valuable business information, with a sense of technology.



DCL | View

While we help your business to see the future with technology, our newest solution suite DCL- View will support all your corporate surveillance with guaranteed less bandwidth high quality outputs. 


Enterprise to end user software suite to fulfill all your software requirements. We are specialized in education software with strong industry partnerships.


DCL | Connect

Our connect cohort comprise with cable and radio based networking solutions that your business can dream of. Capacities of our brands are unmatchable when combined with right solutions. 


DCL | Data

An assortment of hardware and software to support all your data requirements such as storage, Backup, Replication, High availability or data recovery.

We shape business futures with ICT

We did it for the last half a decade and our customers were DELIGHTED, Do you want to make the same CORRECT decision they made?

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