It has been half a decade since we reached the market with the brand of DataCore Lanka and still we feel the young entry level enthusiasm and motivation every day. We are not only young but also energetic industry trendsetters who won the challenges of market entering and moving forward with dedication and consumer satisfaction. ICT is our passion and we are constantly updating in order to do further.

We craft our game plan in such way that we sell products or services with optimum consumer requirement understanding and our technical archery geared with right bow and right arrow in every attempt. We recently moved from the city of Colombo to a much more specious, calm and serene but urban workspace environment that delighted our employees and consumers to visit and work with.

With this short note about us, we would like to welcome you to our corporate presentation and delighted to be at your service. If you need any clarifications or information please do not hesitate to contact us. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead willed with productive ICT activities!

Vision & Mission


                                                                To satisfy customer requirements, with reliable and sustainable ICT products and services every day.........


                                                                                          To be the most accepted and affordable ICT solution provider in Sri Lanka.

What DataCore offers

  • Plan and Design
    We can help you Plan and Design your ELV/LV/MV Solutions for cater to existing or new requirements.

  • Implement and Deploy
    We can initiate the implementation and deploy of your ELV/LV/MV Solutions.

  • Transform and Renew
    We will assist in transforming older systems to cater to new requirements or retire outdated equipment in order to plan and design new ELV/LV.MV Solutions.

  • Manage and Support
    We will manage and Support your ELV/LV/MV Solutions during its lifetime

Who we are

We are a technology company providing solutions in the ELV and Electrical sector for SMB and Enterprise markets. Through our tailor-made solutions we create positive business outcomes that have a real impact on our customers.