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Symantec Endpoint Protection is a security software suite that includes intrusion prevention, firewall, and anti-malware features.According to SC Magazine, Endpoint Protection also has some features typical of data lost prevention software.It is typically installed on a server running Windows, Linux, or macOS. As of 2018, Version 14 is the only currently-supported release.

Endpoint Protection scans computers for security threats.It is used to prevent unapproved programs from running,and to apply firewall policies that block or allow network traffic.It attempts to identify and block malicious traffic in a corporate network or coming from a web browser. It uses aggregate information from users to identify malicious software.As of 2016, Symantec claims to use data from 175 million devices that have installed Endpoint Security in 175 countries.

Endpoint Protection has an administrative console that allows the IT department to modify security policies for each department, such as which programs or files to exclude from antivirus scans. It does not manage mobile devices directly, but treats them as peripherals when connected to a computer and protects the computer from any malicious software on the mobile device.